What was the Cold War?

The Cold War was a conflict between the United States of America (and its allies) and the Soviet Union (and its allies). The conflict began in the

Why did Napoleon invade Russia?

Napoleon’'s invasion of Russia in 1812 was a disaster. The campaign started well as Napoleon and his Grande Armée pushed into Russia and even

Catherine the Great Biography

Catherine the Great was Empress of Russia between 9 July 1762 and November 17, 1796. Catherine seized power from her husband, Peter III, in a coup

What was the Yalta Conference?

The Yalta Conference was a meeting between the Soviet, US and British heads of state, held from 4-11 February 1945. Recognising that the defeat

Oleg of Novgorod

Oleg of Novgorod, also known as Oleg Veshchy (Oleg the Prophet) was a Varangian prince. He is widely recognised as the founder and first ruler of

Kievan Rus

Kievan Rus was the first organised state on present-day Russian territory. It is widely regarded as the spiritual predecessor to today's Russian