Anastasia Romanov Body Found

Anastasia Romanov's body wasn't found for many years, leading to persistent speculation that she had somehow escaped execution.

Anastasia Romanov (technically Anastasia Nikolaevna Romanova), youngest daughter of Tsar Nicholas II of Russia, was executed by Soviet soldiers on 17 July 1918 and buried in a hidden mass grave. Her body wasn’t found for many years, leading many to question what happened to Anastasia Romanov. There was persistent speculation that she had somehow escaped, and this led many people to claim to be her over the coming years.

There have been at least five impostors who have claimed to be Anastasia – Anna Anderson, Eugenia Smith, Eleonora Kruger, Natalya Bilikhodze and Nadezhda Vasilyeva. The most famous of these is Anna Anderson, whose claim to be Anastasia captured the public imagination in Europe and America. Several books, films, musicals and even a ballet were created to tell her story.

At various times, other impostors also claimed to be her sisters, Maria, Olga and Tatiana, as well as her brother Alexei, but again, none captured the imagination as well as Anna Anderson in her claim to be Anastasia Romanov.

The Romanovs grave was finally discovered in 1979, by an amateur Soviet archeologist, but even then, her death and whether it contained Anastasia’s body, could not be confirmed. Anastasia had been executed with her family and servants, and it was thought that there should be eleven bodies in the grave – however, there were only nine. One of the bodies identified as Anastasia was re-buried in 1998, but it wasn’t until the discovery of two additional bodies in 2007 and later DNA testing that it was conclusively proved that Anastasia had died in 1918.


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  • So did they actually find Anastasia Romanov’s body? I have been trying to investigate this for years, but i never actually got this question answered.

    • Duh!!!!! Of course they found her. They DNA tested the bodies and proved that she died in 1918.

      • I wouldnt be so sure of it DNAs can mess up too u cant get the most accurate answere with only bones nobody will ever really know if she died in 1918 or later on maybie she did escape and just kept her identity so she wouldnt get killed it will always be the biggest mystery in the world but i balieve that she did escape only because of all the evidence that has been going around like the anna anderson they did a DNA test on her with prince phillip but it didnt match but how do u explain all of the things that nobody in the world knew but her some of the people that worked for Anastasia balieved anna only because Anastasia is the only person that knew what went on in the palace and all the memories with the servents and her its very crazy to balieve but u never know

  • So, in 2007 they finally found the anastasia’s body. May I know the source? I want to read the whole article ’cause I’m a bit confused. I have contradicting researches. I just want to compare and know why they were different.

  • Ana was shot but suppose she had jewels sewed into her corset.when they found her body,did they find the jewels? If not, her murders robbed her body. That,s sick and should be brought to justice.these jewels belong to the people of Russia or any distant relatives like the Queen of England and family. These are true Blood Diamonds.

  • ok well most of the world balieve that the Grand duchess Anastasia had escaped which is posible since she was small at that time and the russians would sew thier diamonds into the chest of thier dresses to keep thier jewels safe Alexie and Anya could have escaped its possible maria on the other hand was too tall even though she had jewels sewn into her dress there is no way she could have escaped only because it was a small room were they were shot and she was too tall.

  • Anastasia’s body, reportedly, was discovered with her family in a mass grave first in 1979. The archeologists that found the grave concealed their discovery for several years to protect the site from being destroyed by the Soviets. In 2006 with a combined effort by Cambridge and Manchester Universities in England, Scotland Yard Forensics section, Sydney University DNA lab and a forensic reconstruction expert in Sydney positively, forensically identified remains of a woman in a grave in Zululand South Africa as those of Grand Duchess Maria Nikolevna Romanov. “Granny Elena” as she was known by her adoptive family, passed away in 1968 in a hospital in South Africa. Thirty years before the story of what happened the night the Royal family was assassinated was released ‘Granny Elena’ relayed the story to her family of the truck, fat lady at the crossing, being taken from the truck, being smuggled in crates aboard a ship and recovering in Poland for many years from her injuries. Five weeks before the royal family was assassinated in the ‘House of Special Purposes’, Emperor Michael 2, Nicholas’s younger brother, was assassinated in a forest outside Tsaro Selo by seven men. He was unarmed. Trying to escape Michael fell and was shot in the head by a man named Markov.

    The night of March 3, 1917, Nicholas sent a message “To His Majesty the Emperor Michael”, after abdicating the throne in Michael’s favor. Michael, an experienced and courageous soldier was the commanding officer of the ‘Savage Unit’ during the Austro-Hungarian war. When the Dumas went to Michael wanting a declaration of abdication, he sent them instead a statement saying he gave up his power and authority. He did not say he gave up the crown or throne of Russia.The men of his unit were devoted to Michael and said if he had come to them they would have never given him up, dying to the last man to protect him. Two weeks after his assassination envoys from the British and German governments went to the Dumas ( from which the Soviet stemmed), and told them if Michael was put on the throne of Russia the war would end. They were told he was on vacation and could not be reached. His remains still have not been found.