Anastasia Romanov Biography

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4 Responses

  1. Katrina says:

    The 1997 animated film “Anastasia” is not a Walt Disney production.

  2. willy karkdijk Holland says:

    I still believe that Peter Kurth is right: Anastasia Romanov, or mrs. Anderson, is the same
    person, is the real daughter of Tsar Nicolas 2 of Russia.
    I do not believe all that Russian tales; they like having the last word. A Russian friend said
    that before they were killed, they sang a song……
    I examined a lot about Anastasia, compared foto’s, and so on, she absolutely is Anastasia

    • carmen fillol says:

      yo pienso esto The Rasputin Anastasia relationship is shrouded in much mystery. She was known to be close to him and, along with two of her sisters attended his funeral. There are persistent rumours that he seduced Anastasia’s mother and sisters, and possibly even Anastasia herself. No evidence has been discovered to support these rumours, but they were widespread through Russian society. So great was his perceived negative influence on the Romanovs that Rasputin (known to many as the Mad Monk) was murdered by members of the Russian nobility, and discredited the royal family in the eyes of the Russian people, perhaps contributing to the Russian Revolution of 1917.

  3. Alaskan Eskimo says:

    Anastasia did survive, she escaped to Alaska where she lived amongst the Yupik Eskimos, along with her brother. Not sure how long she lived here in Alaska…but from the looks of the grave she lived to be between her 30s and 40s. Her coffin is made of sheet metal, lots of pots and pans, two guns( shotgun and rifle). The thing that stuck out the most was her long beautiful reddish hair. At one time in her life the Eskimo Shamans had tried to kill her because they had thought that she was a witch with red hair. My grandmother said she’s the one they use to hide in the trees. If she did escape to Alaska she had to done so by ship. I know her father was exploring Alaska at that time…where else would they have escaped. To know that she was stuck here in Alaska for so many years and couldn’t go home is so sad. To make matters worse she had her little brother to take of , who was not very healthy. If they were to write another book about her….I would like them to call it “Anastasia and the Eskimos”.