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Catherine the Great Biography

Catherine the Great was Empress of Russia between 9 July 1762 and November 17, 1796. Catherine seized power from her husband, Peter III, in a coup d’etat and, seeing herself as an enlightened despot, reigned over what is...

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Peter the Great timeline

This article outlines a brief Peter the Great timeline, highlighting some of the key moments in the life of one of Russia’s most notorious leaders. 09 June 1672 – Peter is born The future Peter the Great was born Pyotr...

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Alexandra Romanov

The events of 1917 marked the end of a Royal Family in Russia and the fate of the last Tsar has been well documented ever since. But what do we know about the last Tsarina, Alexandra Romanov? It is often said that she played a...

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Rasputin facts

Grigori Yefimovich Rasputin was one of the most controversial figures in Russian history. From his arrival at the Russian court through to the incredible night of his death, the mystical ‘monk’ was one of the pivotal figures in...

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Russian Empire Timeline

This Russian Empire Timeline gives a brief overview of key events during the history of the Russian Empire, with a particular focus on its expansion and conflicts with other countries and empires. 1721 After defeating Sweden,...

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Russia in WW1

While much is known of Russia’s involvement in World War II, the country’s impact on WW1 is less well known. While the conflict took place between 1914 – 1918, Russia of course had concerns closer to home but prior to 1917, the...

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Emancipation of The Serfs

The 1861 Emancipation of Russian Serfs was the single most important reform of the reign of Tsar Alexander II. As a consequence, it is taught widely on Russian history courses around the world (particularly A-Level History...

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Alexei Romanov

Alexei Nikolaevich, Tsarevich of Russia was the only son of Russian Tsar Nicholas II. Alongside his father and family, Tsarevich Alexei was murdered by Bolshevik troops on July 17, 1918. Early life Alexei Romanov was born on...

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Ivan the Terrible Facts

Ivan the Terrible, formally Ivan IV Vasilyevich, was the first Tsar of Russia. His reign, one of the longest of Russian Tsars, saw Russia emerge from its position as a medieval nation state into the beginnings of the Russian...

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