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Joseph Stalin: height

Nobody is exactly sure just how tall Stalin was. Contemporary reports of the exact Stalin height vary. At the lower end, people report that he was 5 foot 4 inches (163cm) tall and, at the higher end his height shoots up to...

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What was the Cold War?

The Cold War was a conflict between the United States of America (and its allies) and the Soviet Union (and its allies). The conflict began in the mid-1940s, just after the end of the Second World War and ended in the early...

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Soviet Cars

When you think of some of the classic vehicles to emerge from the Soviet era it’s easy to build an image of a lumbering stereotype; a kind of dull, functional car that looked and felt extremely similar to other models. While...

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Russian Revolution facts

While we are all aware that the Russian Revolution of 1917 changed the face of the country’s history, how much do we really know about these dramatic events? If you’ve ever wanted to know more about this pivotal part of Russia’s...

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How did Joseph Stalin die

When you consider the controversial life of the Soviet dictator Joseph Stalin, it’s perhaps no surprise that his death itself is shrouded in myth and mystery. Was Stalin murdered, or did he die of natural causes? There is...

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Why Did Hitler Attack Russia?

By May 1941, Germany had established effective control over mainland Europe. As you can see from the map that accompanies this article, the only mainland countries not occupied by German or Italian forces were neutral countries,...

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Lenin Timeline

This article contains a brief Vladimir Lenin timeline, highlighting some of the key events in Lenin’s life, and his rise to leadership of the Russian Revolution and the Soviet Union that followed. 22 April 1870 – Lenin is born...

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Joseph Stalin Facts

Joseph Stalin was leader of the Soviet Union between 1922 and 1953. He followed Vladimir Lenin as Soviet leader, and was the first General Secretary of the USSR’s Central Committee. This article contains a number of interesting...

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